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Saving Money on Life Insurance: Tips

Having a life insurance plan is one way to ease your worries regarding your family’s finances after you’re gone abut having one that you can’t afford is something that you should also avoid. A life insurance policy does not have to have a high premium for it to be worth something in the future. One that covers all your family’s needs after you pass away is already enough.

Term Vs. Whole-Life

If you are looking into saving some money on your insurance policy, you should consider getting term insurance.

Although most financial planners suggest that you get a permanent policy complete with cash value components, one should keep in mind that this cash value being withdrawn from a whole-life policy just reduces the cash value of the policy itself.

According to experts however, there is a huge gap on how much premium one pays for a permanent policy compared to a term one. You should remember though that every time you apply for the renewal of your term insurance, the premium you paid in the past few years would be increased. If you want a fixed premium your whole life, a whole-life policy is a better idea.

Low Cost Insurance

Looking for companies that provide no-load or low-load plans will also enable you to save more money because such plans have lesser built-in expenses. It may be difficult to find plans like these though because they can only be found in certain states.

Shop Around

The best way to get an affordable life insurance policy is for you to look at all of your options and not picking the first policy that is introduced to you. This means that you would have to research which life insurance policy will provide you the best coverage at premium rates you can afford.


Frequently Asked Questions

How else will a policyhelp me?

Aside from ensuring that your family has financial resources when you are no longer around, you will get tax benefits while you are still around. This of course depends on which state you are in since some laws differ from state to state...
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Life Insurance Glossary

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